Thursday, February 25, 2010

client #1's bathroom #2-in the works. the biggest compliment i can receive from a client is to be called back for another job.

midnight on a thursday...its crunch time to get my design planned before i take off for a weekend of snow-filled bliss tomorrow.

this is a simple bathroom remodel in client's stunning Marin home. this bathroom is off the den so we are keeping it simple and moderate, while incorporating eco-friendly design principles and traditional colors/materials to coordinate with the aesthetics of the home.

before photos.

blue carpet going. vanity being moved outside of watercloset room to the bedroom/den area creating 2 useable spaces, doubling size of shower, increasing privacy/functionality for occupants.

currently weird storage shelving right ourside watercloset. perfectly sized 42" nook for our new vanity. (just noticed case of stellas @ bottom shelf...ill be sure to help clear that out)

my inspiration as far as color scheme goes. masculine hues-blue, grays, white, natural wood.

my design mess. this is what happens at 12 am night before "due date".

the new bathroom, in a nut shell. after a loooong day of wrapping up 3 staging jobs, 3 hour rendering class, and running around for/designing this work finally comes to an 12:46 am. numbers crunched, budgets met, materials/colors chosen, client HAPPY- goodnight!

after photos to come.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

i had an interview today at an internationally recognized interior design firm in sf. this is the kind of job that can MAKE an interior designer's career. this is that foot in the door kinda deal. i have to say, i KILLED it. i don't feel like it could have gone better....and now have to WAIT until friday to find out. im generally a patient person, but this kind of waiting BLOWS!

one thing i learned today from this interview experience is that i need to be an interior designer. while going through 2 back-to-back interviews at this firm i felt filled with this amazing creative energy. the offices at this place were designed to a T, young hip people were running around fishing through samples, design plans were posted up on huge boards, colors popped out from all directions....i drooled. this is my spot! i seriously was overcome by this crazy creative high and enthusiasm...let's hope that came across in the interviews. although ive known for a while that id enjoy be a designer, ive also at MANY times considered being a chef or teacher. after this experience and being exposed to a big-time working interior design studio, this is it. i am in interior designer.
i played FlatPak...your turn!

pre-fab houses have come a looong way. if when you hear the term pre-fabricated home you immediately conjure up an image of a tacky kitchen with wall-to-wall linoleum, less than dreamy bedrooms, and bathrooms you can barely turn around in...let architect, Charlie Lazor, change your mind.
(slide 7 +

pre-fabrication is becoming a widely popular strategy of building eco-friendly and economical, while at the same time customizable, homes.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

today is my birthday and although many have heard me complain about gaining this additional year of, im not too worried. 26 is going to be my best year yet-with my business in place, jobs in the works, a less serious attitude about life/myself/others, a gratefulness for shitty tough times, a fairly recent need for more spontaneity and adventures. bring it on 26...but please take your time!...27 is no longer "mid-twenties".

i woke up this morning to the sweetest present ever from my lil bro:
<-----he sketched this for me! so proud of him! thanks brother!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

virtual spatial arranging made simple.

kinda cool. screw autocad...this no-frills site makes planning furniture arrangements simple enough for even the computer un-savvy.

getting personal...<-----this is my room
looking forward to this week and beyond. this coming week brings lots of creativity and celebrations.

tomorrow- staging a big one in hillsborough + listening to my big sis give a presentation at the apple store in sf. she's a huge inspiration to me and walking proof that passion brings success.

check her out:

tuesday i deal with getting older. in order to not become saddened by how fast time flies and how little i feel ive added to the world thus far, i plan on celebrating...a lot. with my head on my shoulders, a career path defined, and a sense of/appreciation for the chick ive become, i have this feeling that my 26th year is going to be my best year yet.

the rest of the week is devoted to planning the design of client #1's next 2 bathroom remodels. lots of shopping in my future [on someone else's dime! :) ]...always fun! there are probably few people that get as giddy about faucet finishes, tile textures, and lighting as i do.

bathing beauties:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

thought that i should maybe post some actual design work i have completed. the following is my very first freelance design gig.

this is a bathroom remodel i completed for a a client now fondly referred to as client #1. client #1 is a colorblind bachelor who had unknowingly been living with this completely pinked out bathroom for 10 years.


i was called in to transform the small bubble gum pink bathroom into a chic traditional space.


this project was all about going green, functionality, and keeping the look cohesive with the upscale traditional aesthetic of the home.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i dedicate this beautiful bay area day to one of my heroes and a local architectural genius: Frank LLoyd Wright.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater in Bear Run, PA.

id give anything to scope this place out in person...and lucky for me i recently was informed that they offer public tours on occassion.

listen to this as you join me in daydreaming about lounging on that deck above the waterfall while bbq-ing on a balmy summer eve with good friends.

my rendition of the man i call one of my greatest heroes and a huge inspiration to my design work and aesthetic.

probably didnt do him justice, but caught him in a moment doing what he did best...thinking, scheming, devising that plan.

oil on canvas. completed in a required art class for my interior design program. never knew i had ANY painting abilities.

and legos reaffirms FLW's ingenuity by making his famous Fallingwaters available to the masses...only in mini-form. i want!

you can grab a set at

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

today i spent most of the day sick in bed with my laptop listening to great music mulling over business names and finally deciding on my blog layout.

<-------my fortune today. thought it was pretty appropriate considering im finally making a push to get my biz going and start making true strides to do what i love doing.

design makes my heart beat faster.