Tuesday, November 30, 2010

cabin fever!!

this weather and lack of sunlight has me feelin all ansy for some outside time!! heading to tahoe this weekend to play in the pow POW and I have snowy, cabiny, cozy, wintery -ness on the brain!

check out this awesome blog
habitually chic and this designer's compilation of interior cabin shots.
plaid/flannel, layered rugs, knotty alder, checks/chevrons, fuzzy blankets + antlers. 09 ralph lauren ad.
also, scope dornob 's take on a mountain getaway. gorgeous rustic chic forest homes.
architectural tree-surrounded beauties!
BAK arquitectos awesome Argentinian eco house amongst outdoors. pretty much my dream right here...
clean lines. simple/natural materials. windows galore!

kitchen looks like fun...

temperatures have been pretty frigid for us sun/warmth-loving californians. get cozy! stay warm!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

le fleur.

allergic to some of em...but LOVE playing with them! just received professional shots of the flowers/tables i did for my good friends' wedding this past summer.

goal this year is to get more floral gigs in the books! know anybody in need...?

different project...but one of my favorites thus far so had to include it:

thank you!

w/ thanksgiving just around the corner, i'm feeling especially thankful....thankful right now in particular to those who gave me a chance....to that dear client/friend who had trust in me to demo his bathroom on my first freelance gig and then proceeded to ask me to come back and do another...and another, to those strangers who believed in my eye for color, to dear friends for entrusting me with the important duty of designing/arranging their wedding flowers and table decor, to my boss lady/friend for giving me a shot...a big shot and some great portfolio work.

spending this stormy day inside with the heater blasting working on my portfolio book. finding myself happy with the work i've done, but aspiring to do SO much more.

portfolio book in the making...

Saturday, November 13, 2010


im sick with a BAD cold. when sick, i seek comfort in food, comfy sweats, hot beverages, my bed, and ANYTHING soft. when i think of soft, i think of alpaca. have you ever felt the amazing softness of this creature?? it's truly a feeling your skin will crave once given a taste...

High Sierras Furs ....sorry PETA! :/ curl up with a book here!

Indian Hills Alpacas ...i REALLY want one of these. LOVE the cozy cabin pattern.
Thomas Paul for a more contemporary/hip throw alternative.

West Elm ...or a sumptuously soft pillow for your tired head.

thanks guys!

get cozy, friends!

Friday, November 12, 2010

photo class!!

@ a photography class this evening hoping to learn how to better capture some of mama nature's beauty i plan on encountering VERY soon.

and...momentarily distracted by the contrast between his cool antique chandelier and rustic chipping ceiling. Nice.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

living someone else's dream.

spent the latter part of my workday shopping vicariously through a customer.  putting together an eco/chic/industrial/organic look.  YUM!
by the way, i LOVE the idea of a spontaneous cluster of plates on display.  i think im going to start collecting plates along my travels...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


just a reminder to those who may be interested:

Elle Decor's showhouse in SF's St. Francis neighborhood is open to the public thru Nov. 21. im soooo excited to see all this talent mashed into a beautiful 4500 sq ft historic home!

click for info.

scatterbrained and unfocused or well-rounded and passionate...?

have been thinking a lot recently about my life: hobbies, work, pleasures, and loves. a trip to the bookstore yesterday made the variety of my passions very evident. at least there's no lack of passion here... right?

floral arranging. outside adventures. travel. cooking/food. design. architecture. passions not pictured: people. humanitarianism. wine. fashion. languages. conservation. health.

what do i love most? what do i want most out of life? how do i find out? WHAT DO I DO? to start...lots of thinking, research, exploring, contemplative long solo drives and bike rides, experimentation, prioritizing.

easy does it...

today is my final day of my gloriously enjoyable 4 day weekend. feeling inspired from the sights of the last several days: brightly colored fall vines, rocky northern California coastline, the crisp sf syline, rainy forests, fog-laden hillsides, sunset over a low-tide bay, puppies with adorably smooshed faces. this extended weekend has been a much-needed escape from reality.

today, back at it, but starting slowly. easing into it. oj out of the carton to accompany my new issue of Dwell magazine and then....