Thursday, May 27, 2010


done with my project with time to spare for a run and a much needed nap before my very last presentation.

with pencils down to nubs and my gray-scale markers almost completely dried up, here is the culmination of the last 72+ hours of my life.


3.17 am. tired eyes and a distractingly achy jaw later, I am getting somewhere with this final project. (apparently when i get absorbed in a drawing i hold my jaw in a really tense/stressed out fashion...not so comfy.) nice thing about this project is that i was able to use an actual design gig as the subject. this is the design i propose to my client. only took about an hour for me to make the damn toilet come to life...
lots more to do. wishing everybody who is lucky enough to be sleeping right now sweet dreams.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

48 hours.

in 48 hours i will be done with my interior design education. at this point im definitely more freaked out about this than excited. 48 hours to put together a bomb ass final project??...hmmm shit. gonna be a sleepless couple days...

thank god (or musicians) for keeping me awake and at least semi-inspired.

stateless/bloodstream -apparently was in one of those vampire movies...dont know, but its on repeat. ok this is also worth (more than) 5 minutes of your time stateless/crash. what are these lyrics?...holy shit.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

one week.

one week to go!! a week to finish my final FINAL project which will wrap up my design education. i can't wait to be finished and clear my plate of this burden and time sucker.

it's time to buckle down and buckle up...this week is going to be hectic/sleepless/non-stop/bumpy (understatement) ride!

and i am moving soon!!! into a place i will call HOME! least temporarily.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

yea so im pretty sure i want to live in a box!

check these out!! pre-fabricated homes in cube form. pretty sweet spaces if you ask me.

so here's what im thinking. design my own pre-fab studio/box. find someone who would like a little supplemental income and with large enough property to support said box. order the box. wait (impatiently) for the space to be assembled (can take as little as a few days!). live in my box! a year or two buy a plot of land somewhere beautiful (in the bay area, of course) and move my studio/box to MY land. live there until the next upgrade. at that stage, i move the box to my bigger and better property and use the box as a detached office or guest quarters OR keep the box in it's place and put another larger pre-fab on the land or add boxes to the box to make a larger home.

so now i just need somewhere between $20-70k for a studio/box complete with bathroom and kitchen. good thing i am working my life away right now...

these pre-fab spaces from modern cabana (local bay area co.) come in several designs and have floorplans ranging from 120-260 sq ft. so yes, they are small. but small can be sufficient and cozy. they can take as little as a few days or as long as a few months to build, deliver, and assemble. there are also several "green" benefits to this kind of dwelling. the fact that they are pre-fabricated (mass-produced and manufactured locally in a controlled environment) makes them eco-friendly. the small scale results in a lower carbon footprint. the transportable quality of the spaces allow them to be adaptable in function and physical locale as the needs/desires of the owner shifts.

wow i am wordy when i am sleepy. in case i didn't provide more than sufficient info check out sunset mag article and modern cabana's (local bay area pre-fab box manufacturer) website.

Friday, May 7, 2010

potty talk

so it's friday night...and what am i doing?? shopping around for sinks, p-traps, valves...other misc. boring bathroom plumbing fixtures and not so boring bathroom furnishings for bathroom remodels #3 and #4 for client #1. about 80% of my freelance gigs have been remodeling bathrooms. can't say i mind...bathrooms are probably the most crucial and most frequently visited spaces in a home and these remodels require precise measuring and detailed schematics that the design nerd in me LOVES!

happy friday and a great weekend to ya all!! tomorrow is play day for me beginning with an early morning bike ride from sausalito to sf, some r % r by the pool, and then onto bday bbqs and friend time. :) :)