Tuesday, May 11, 2010

yea so im pretty sure i want to live in a box!

check these out!! pre-fabricated homes in cube form. pretty sweet spaces if you ask me.

so here's what im thinking. design my own pre-fab studio/box. find someone who would like a little supplemental income and with large enough property to support said box. order the box. wait (impatiently) for the space to be assembled (can take as little as a few days!). live in my box! then...in a year or two buy a plot of land somewhere beautiful (in the bay area, of course) and move my studio/box to MY land. live there until the next upgrade. at that stage, i move the box to my bigger and better property and use the box as a detached office or guest quarters OR keep the box in it's place and put another larger pre-fab on the land or add boxes to the box to make a larger home.

so now i just need somewhere between $20-70k for a studio/box complete with bathroom and kitchen. good thing i am working my life away right now...

these pre-fab spaces from modern cabana (local bay area co.) come in several designs and have floorplans ranging from 120-260 sq ft. so yes, they are small. but small can be sufficient and cozy. they can take as little as a few days or as long as a few months to build, deliver, and assemble. there are also several "green" benefits to this kind of dwelling. the fact that they are pre-fabricated (mass-produced and manufactured locally in a controlled environment) makes them eco-friendly. the small scale results in a lower carbon footprint. the transportable quality of the spaces allow them to be adaptable in function and physical locale as the needs/desires of the owner shifts.

wow i am wordy when i am sleepy. in case i didn't provide more than sufficient info check out sunset mag article and modern cabana's (local bay area pre-fab box manufacturer) website.

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