Friday, April 1, 2011

lost + found!!!

this blog may be coming to its end.  i am moving onto bigger and better things as i join forces with my dear and talented friend, shannon, as we embark on an entreprenurial adventure.  our new blog, lost + found, is the beginning of a several-step biz plan.  and let me tell you, we have some pretty BIG plans that we are AWFULLY excited about!!  new and improved logo and page coming in the near future as well as more details about our business model and plans.  :)

take a peak! please follow us and join the fun!  id love to hear any advice/input along the way!  xoxo!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

etsy the bestie!

some recent finds on etsy.

vintage yellow jar. brightwall vintage.
lamp made from motorcycle parts. betsy ryaland.
handmade reclaimed kitchen island/table.  bone yard fabs.
oak stump. real wood works.
map ca. 1901. vintage paper works.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Broken Fingaz - Graffiti Stop Motion

this one is pretty amazing too. winner of best stop motion short.

disposable film fest.

one of my faves from the shorts i saw tonight at the gorgeous castro theater.
how sweet and heart-wrenching is that?

Sunday, March 20, 2011


i feel like after 27 years ive finally found my calling....or maybe ive know what it is and im finally going for it!!  im an entreprenuer at heart...have been coming up with ideas (both good and bad) for as long as i can remember.  my most recent idea has turned out to be pretty flawed so ive moved on.  what ive moved onto is BIGGER + BETTER!  i have a rockin biz partner and we have been having a ball every step of the way...and plan to continue to do so.  domain name has been purchased, blog debuting soon (on april fool's day, to be precise), TONS of networking plans, brainstorming every moment of EVERY day, and meeting with the bank to discuss options TOMORROW.  yep, we are movin and groovin!  i am in LOVE with the way my life looks through this new plan!  and i am proud to say that even after all these years of hearing 'good things come to those who wait' and NEVER believing it...i am NOT waiting any longer.  i have ALWAYS believed that good things come to those who create them.  im making my own opportunity (with the best help ever!).  im going to be 50% responsible for creating something really cool from nothing!  i LOVE that!

can barely contain my excitement...and looking forward to letting you guys in on the plan!

lots of love.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

modern farmhouse.

taking care of biz this morning.  after 2 days of nothing be relaxation, loads of sleep, a couple good bottles of wine, and some local sight-seeing, it felt good to get up early and start taking care of business.

found this amazingly gorgeous up-to-date take on farmhouse style living on doorknob.  originally an older/more traditional brick home, this now not-so humble abode was kicked up a couple notches.
at night...oooooh!
interesting angles throughout!
more angles, geometry, creative lines.
concept rendering.
see more conceptual drawings at ooze architecture's site.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

mill valley.

spent my day off yesterday roaming the quaint downtown streets of mill valley in hopes of finding some design inspiration, biz ideas, and good coffee.

mission accomplished!

@ coffee raostery mill valley.
perfectly creamy americano for a beautifully gloomy day.
@ maison reve.

french antique. old kitchen storage. if i only had a spot for this one...
awesome cocktail table/chest. great storage. solid wood.
won't you come join me??
@ summerhouse.
i just made out with my life! ;)
outdoor chair. fell in love with the clean lines and kitch/casual cushion.
vintage bergere. contrasting textures...mmm.


this amazing design book came home with me :)
replica of a sweedish antique sideboard. great storage!