Saturday, February 26, 2011

estate sales.

7+ estate sales under one roof!  and that roof is local...right here in oakland.  vintage settees, unique art, antique sterling flatware, depression glass, old writing desks.  from louis louis, stickley, to mid-century mod, who knows what treasures you may find...

ill be heading out tomrorow to see what's left!  click for info.

san diego sites.

home from my boat/camping southern california adventure.  good food, awesome museums/architecture, sun, expansive beaches, so much goofin off, and a little precious sunshine.  
stopped in for some grub at el indio...featured on diners, drive-ins, and dives.  best fish tacos thus far!
farmhouse chic interiors at searsucker.  had the BEST cocktail...called the health food.  celery, arugula, mint, lemon, vodka.  i would...
@ balboa park. 
courtyard @ balboa park. 
pomogranate cross sections @ the museum of photographic arts.
@ the museum of photographic arts.
little hand. cute!  @ the museum of photographic arts.
thought this one was pretty humerous. :) @ the museum of photographic arts.
san diego is a beautiful city, but im happy to be home in sf.  :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


roadtrippin with one of my very favorite people in the world, little sis! missing the big, but had an awesome night of bday celebrations with her already...too many moscow mules, WAY too much dessert, and so much goofin. that's the way we do things.

a few sights and moments along the way to san diego:

Monday, February 21, 2011

bring it on LATE 20s!!

makin wishes into realities this year!! boooyaaaa!! CAN'T wait to get this thang started!!
ill be taking a leave of absence as i travel down the beautiful california coast in search of sun and beach babes.  see you in a week, lovely friends!

Friday, February 18, 2011

my happiest place on earth.

spent this rain morning at the flower mart as i helped a friend select flowers for an engagement party. the rainbow of colorful flowers and good earthy smells brought cheer to this cold and blustery bay area day.

i have a biz plan in the works...well, in my brain at this point (better get it onto paper so i dont go nuts with excitement). it involves me spending a lot more time with pretty lil flowers. does good for the earth and outside that i adore so much.  more on that note to come soon!!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011


life has a funny way of reminding us that our plans are futile.  you think you devise a plan that makes sense...that assists you on your path to where ever it is you are attempting to get.  then...out of no where...syke/sike/psyche (spelling??)!!  a curveball is thrown...that you miss.  so...i pick up the ball...stand up slowly with it firmly between both palms, and i am at a loss.  a complete loss.  what to do.  what direction to throw the ball.  who, if anyone, will catch it?  what's next?  life's path seems that never-ending trail, that infinite darkness, and scary vast uncertainty.  however, it also is exciting and enticing.  within the unknown, is the mystery of what could be, should be, and will be.

with that said, today is almost over.  it was interesting.  i learned from it.  there will most definitely be some changes being made in the near future.  i look forward to new, better, MORE.

do all things happen for a reason? or do you just have to adapt to things as they happen with reason? ...either way, cheers and GREATnight!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

out of the closet.

as ive started to (prematurely) shop the internet for cool spots in sf, i am reminded of the need to maximize every square inch of apartment space.

check out these stylish and practical uses for closet space.

this one, raises the bar. cheers!
cozy library nook.
girly workspace.
crafty corner. 
simple office space.
utilitarian.  no distractions.
first 3 images: real simple.  last 3 images: sfgirlbybay.

get to work!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

love to ♥.

in celebration of this day in which we honor and treat our loved ones.  heart-felt goodies:

customizeable prints.
etsy: fancy prints.
kitschy animal lovers.
etsy: black baroque.
left: polyvore.  right: coup.
(LOVE the lights! cute would it be above a bed!?)
made from vintage pieces. beauty with a story.
i leave you with this, as i reminisce...

have a LOVEly day! xo!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

music sunday.

because this NEVER gets old. feel it all around by washed out. been listening to this one for two years and will probably listen for another two. oh, and they are going to be at sasquatch!!!...AND sasquatch just might happen to be a convenient stop on my cross-country summer roadtrip. sun/camp/music/beer/besties. man, oh MAN!!

also just purchased tix for some coachella favs as they stop on through sf. cut copy AND two door cinema club. music to my ears!!!

cozy cave.

tomorrow's valentine's day has me feeling a bit romantic.  i stumbled upon the breath-taking yunak evleri cave hotel in turkey this evening...dates back to the 5th and 6th centuries when the people of the central anatolia region of turkey lived within the earth.  interior renovations have transformed this primitive shelter into an oh-so-cool safe haven for vacationers.  this hotel offers all the ammenities while maintaining it's simplistic roots.
talk about mood lighting.  mmmmm.... 
romantic cave-side dinner under the stars.
so cooooool!! love the outdoor living space!
uhhhh huhhh!
i have this feeling that the turkish food served at this joint would be memorably delicious!
this place is on my bucket list.  

Friday, February 11, 2011


this pop-up house has been all over the press recently...and for good reason!  this pre-fab home by house port has been featured in dwell, california home + design, and other major design and architecture publications.  ....and it's local!!

this 3 bedroom/2 bath residence in petaluma, ca serves as house port's PopUp House prototype.  these home is comprised of several pre-fabricated cubes costing less that $100/square foot.

and it's BEAUTIFUL!...all nestled among the rolling hills of northern california...lovely!

this prototype is partially furnished with house port's Desert Series of flat pak furniture.  the idea is awesome!, simplistic, utilitarian, affordable.  the a little crude for my taste, but i sure like where they are going with this!

remember when i said i want to live in a box..?  well, a PopUp House cube would do the trick!  $70k for the single cube model.  hmmm....

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

feeling blue.

blueprints. my fascination for architecture often makes me think that i should be an architect. good thing interiors and architecure go hand in hand.

i like the idea of original blueprints as art....especially if it's FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT'S plans. after all...he touched it!
vintage life-size adirondack blueprint/plan. how cool! i wanna make one!
from etsy.
vintage blueprint of a madison ave. apt.
olive & joy.
blueprints of 20s homes.
etsy. for last. blueprints from Mr. Wright's Falling Waters residence. having an original would be a dream!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hint hint...

also, click here if you are interested in a free subscription to california home + design mag.  one of my favorite local resources for up-to-date interior + architectural trends, new tech, and inspiration.

you're welcome!

california home + design awards

congratulations to Redmond Aldrich Design, the 2011 winner of the CH+D award for residential interior design under 3,000 sq ft.  Redmond Aldrich Design is a local sf-based firm, and one of my longstanding favorites.

check out this award-worthy russian hill residence:

for more information/inspiration check out california home + design online.  

Monday, February 7, 2011

i dream big. i dream mini.

i have been drooling over the new(er) 4 door 4x4 mini coop.  so stinking cute and now much more practical.  throw the surfboards/bikes on the roof and head up the snow-covered mountains or wherever the surf report leads you.  AND it can pull a trailer...!!!

im diggin EVERYTHING about this photo.  the mini, of course, the beautiful ocean backdrop, the airstream trailer, the fact the the airstream trailer is decked out in a mod design!! trailer interior:  furniture by Repulic of Fritz Hansen, waterproof interiors, sunbathing deck.  SO cool.  i dream...
learn more about the mini here.

big break?... ;)

last friday i had the opportunity to stage a home being filmed for a network that will follow the process of flipping a bay area home.  the show begins with the initial purchase of the home, follows the renovation progess, and ends with the home being staged and sold.

here is a behind the scenes look at the shoot.
California Rehab
this was a really fun experience.  first time having a camera shoved in my face.  first time having a mic pack on me...all day...which i definitely forgot about at times.  oops!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

music sunday.

spent a little time digging into some music in search of something fresh.  give it a listen.  houdini by foster the people.  playful lyrics, upbeat beat, folksy vocals, and an electro back.  totally diggin it.

ok and something heavily design related is coming so soon.  ive been feeling a surge of creative energy that i need to utilize.  my "weekend" is fast approching and i have some pretty creative plans.  :)!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

coup d'etat.

coup d'etat rebels against conformity. located in the sf design center, this showroom showcases beautiful non-traditional, whimsical, edgy home furnishings and accessories.
"I like things that make a statement, that are not overly precious or ordered. I like things with an edge, that exhibit life, history. But I never think about these things - I just operate on instinct." - Darin Geise, Owner.

how did i JUST find out about this place?!?! heading over to scope it out ASAP!