Monday, February 7, 2011

i dream big. i dream mini.

i have been drooling over the new(er) 4 door 4x4 mini coop.  so stinking cute and now much more practical.  throw the surfboards/bikes on the roof and head up the snow-covered mountains or wherever the surf report leads you.  AND it can pull a trailer...!!!

im diggin EVERYTHING about this photo.  the mini, of course, the beautiful ocean backdrop, the airstream trailer, the fact the the airstream trailer is decked out in a mod design!! trailer interior:  furniture by Repulic of Fritz Hansen, waterproof interiors, sunbathing deck.  SO cool.  i dream...
learn more about the mini here.

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  1. i saw one of these recently, such a funky lil car...super fun, get one!