Friday, February 11, 2011


this pop-up house has been all over the press recently...and for good reason!  this pre-fab home by house port has been featured in dwell, california home + design, and other major design and architecture publications.  ....and it's local!!

this 3 bedroom/2 bath residence in petaluma, ca serves as house port's PopUp House prototype.  these home is comprised of several pre-fabricated cubes costing less that $100/square foot.

and it's BEAUTIFUL!...all nestled among the rolling hills of northern california...lovely!

this prototype is partially furnished with house port's Desert Series of flat pak furniture.  the idea is awesome!, simplistic, utilitarian, affordable.  the a little crude for my taste, but i sure like where they are going with this!

remember when i said i want to live in a box..?  well, a PopUp House cube would do the trick!  $70k for the single cube model.  hmmm....

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