Wednesday, February 24, 2010

i had an interview today at an internationally recognized interior design firm in sf. this is the kind of job that can MAKE an interior designer's career. this is that foot in the door kinda deal. i have to say, i KILLED it. i don't feel like it could have gone better....and now have to WAIT until friday to find out. im generally a patient person, but this kind of waiting BLOWS!

one thing i learned today from this interview experience is that i need to be an interior designer. while going through 2 back-to-back interviews at this firm i felt filled with this amazing creative energy. the offices at this place were designed to a T, young hip people were running around fishing through samples, design plans were posted up on huge boards, colors popped out from all directions....i drooled. this is my spot! i seriously was overcome by this crazy creative high and enthusiasm...let's hope that came across in the interviews. although ive known for a while that id enjoy be a designer, ive also at MANY times considered being a chef or teacher. after this experience and being exposed to a big-time working interior design studio, this is it. i am in interior designer.

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