Thursday, February 25, 2010

client #1's bathroom #2-in the works. the biggest compliment i can receive from a client is to be called back for another job.

midnight on a thursday...its crunch time to get my design planned before i take off for a weekend of snow-filled bliss tomorrow.

this is a simple bathroom remodel in client's stunning Marin home. this bathroom is off the den so we are keeping it simple and moderate, while incorporating eco-friendly design principles and traditional colors/materials to coordinate with the aesthetics of the home.

before photos.

blue carpet going. vanity being moved outside of watercloset room to the bedroom/den area creating 2 useable spaces, doubling size of shower, increasing privacy/functionality for occupants.

currently weird storage shelving right ourside watercloset. perfectly sized 42" nook for our new vanity. (just noticed case of stellas @ bottom shelf...ill be sure to help clear that out)

my inspiration as far as color scheme goes. masculine hues-blue, grays, white, natural wood.

my design mess. this is what happens at 12 am night before "due date".

the new bathroom, in a nut shell. after a loooong day of wrapping up 3 staging jobs, 3 hour rendering class, and running around for/designing this work finally comes to an 12:46 am. numbers crunched, budgets met, materials/colors chosen, client HAPPY- goodnight!

after photos to come.

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