Sunday, February 21, 2010

looking forward to this week and beyond. this coming week brings lots of creativity and celebrations.

tomorrow- staging a big one in hillsborough + listening to my big sis give a presentation at the apple store in sf. she's a huge inspiration to me and walking proof that passion brings success.

check her out:

tuesday i deal with getting older. in order to not become saddened by how fast time flies and how little i feel ive added to the world thus far, i plan on celebrating...a lot. with my head on my shoulders, a career path defined, and a sense of/appreciation for the chick ive become, i have this feeling that my 26th year is going to be my best year yet.

the rest of the week is devoted to planning the design of client #1's next 2 bathroom remodels. lots of shopping in my future [on someone else's dime! :) ]...always fun! there are probably few people that get as giddy about faucet finishes, tile textures, and lighting as i do.

bathing beauties:

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  1. Yo tosh, love your blog. We are going to do our bathroom.. although nothing fancy.. just re-do so we can sell the house.