Monday, January 24, 2011

Little Bee.

After picking up and putting down, picking up and putting down Little Bee, i finally pushed aside real life obligations and responsibilities and allowed myself to get reabsorbed by the pages and stories thoughtfully written by author, Chris Cleave.

Although fiction, this book tells a story of humanity with heart and truth.  It's a novel about two women with VERY different lives brought together one frightful day and then reunited years later.  Its a beautifully written, terrifying, exciting, laughable, and anger-inducing story based on truth that will open your eyes to this beautiful, yet dreadful world that we live in.

I so highly recommend you open up your heart to this story and the chatacters within it's pages. I recommend this book without having even finished it.  As i sat on a serene park bench with today's sunshine seeping into and warming my skin, my eyes were so full of tears when i flipped to the last page that i couldnt deciper the words of the final paragraph.

Puts things into perspective.

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