Friday, December 17, 2010

argentinian tango.

late night conversation last night w/ friend focused on:
. 2011 goals
. where we are at in our lives
. how we can get to where we want to be
. how to focus more on the NOW and let the LATER fall into place

. travel NOW. establish permanence in living situation/career LATER.

every trip/vacation/excursion i embark on, whether big/small, near/far, i learn something about myself and our world. these experiences are personal, crucial, exciting, inspiring, eye-opening, and jaw-dropping. right now in my life it makes sense to GO!

travel + inspiration = argentina. argentina or bust 2011 spring or fall. until then, grand canyon, a surf destination (baja?, spain?), and mountains.

check out this sweet argentinian pad for some tasty inspiration:

borrowed from black*eiffel. (awesome blog, by the way.)

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