Saturday, October 16, 2010

gonna say "see ya" next year...

ready to turn my dream of traveling into a reality in 2011. i made the promise to myself years ago to take a trip out of the country at least once a year. sad to say, i failed this year. ALL of 2010 was spent in the US...which frankly, is NOT ok with me. life is too short to not be exploring this world.

plans for an adventure-filled backpacking trip to Argentina are in the works! buenos aires, fitz roy, bariloche...all part of the plan.

yes, i'm crying for you, argentina. (yes, im nerdy)

i also have a very strong desire to actually learn to surf decently. this was spurred by a quick glance in a mavericks book at the book store today. the waves/ocean is so humbling, terrifying, and peaceful all at the same time. my 1.5" waves just aren't cutting it... this might mean a trip to thailand, australia, south africa, spain...

im always down for travel buddies, fyi...


  1. can i come?!
    during college i studied international studies, my region was latin america. i spent some time in central america, but i've been dying to go to south america!!

  2. YES!!!!!! PLEASE!!! ....are you all??

  3. ummm YES! ok ok talk soon!...mayyyybee (in person!) this weekend, lady.