Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ending + beginning.

my beautiful, peaceful, tranquil, inspiring, fun-filled, relaxing, time spent with great company and solo at this white-walled/art-filled SOMA pad comes to end. i kind of have a sick feeling in my stomach knowing that i wont wake up to the beauty of this city and my favorite neighborhood. feels like home here. and the house that i have to return to is far from homey.

HOWEVER, tomorrow is the first day at my new job. this job means a home in the near future. feeling like an adult and really comfortable with that feeling. i will have 1 full time job working for a family that i love in the interiors field. this is a huge step in the forward direction for me. moving (partially and temporarily) into a city-view filled tiburon condo to spend my days off with friends in a quiet space. not expecting to make tiburon feel like home (will most likely pack a bag each time i stay) but am looking forward to a marin "vacation" every week. REALLY looking forward to moving into my own place in sf soon(ish). my absolute deadline is dec 31...my goal is before the holidays. gonna start the new year off right. with everything in its place including my head and heart.

bye bye SOMA.

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