Thursday, June 10, 2010


wow. well after a year and a half of couch surfing, house/pet sitting, staying with family (mainly my dad) and friends...i am moving to place i will call home. honestly, i am not even sure what it feels like to have a home after living out of suitcases/my car for the last several months while jumping from place to place, house to house. i haven't called a house "home" since i was 8...been a while...more than ready to change that!! although this move might end up being somewhat temporary, im about to live in beautiful Tiburon with people that i adore and views of my favorite city...i will have my own room, with my stuff out of boxes...i will sleep in my (super, amazing, comfy) bed (OMG miss i miss it so) and will have a quiet, peaceful workspace...

i just don't even think i can express how huge of a relief this is and how ready i am for this change. i am so thankful for everyone who put up with me and put me up night after night for the past 17 months...i know it wasn't always easy, but i guarantee it's been harder on me.

i am one very VERY happy lady!!!!

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